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Getting started with Cloudflare

Delivering video on Demand with CloudFlare Stream:

CloudFlare Stream is a video on demand platform for building video applications, it encodes, stores and delivers an optimized video formatted for different devices and network connection.

Cloudflare Stream features:

Videos can be embedded on any sites, and supports multiple file formats and browsers. MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, MPEG-2 TS, MPEG-2 PS, MXF, LXF, GXF, 3GP, WebM, MPG, QuickTime

Browsers compatible with stream

  • Chrome: since Chrome version 30+,
  • Firefox: since Firefox version 42+
  • Internet Explorer: since IE 11 (Windows 8+ only)
  • Safari: since Safari version 8+
  • Opera: since Opera version 15+

Mobile platforms compatible with stream

  • Chrome on Android: Chrome and Firefox for Android 4.0+ and all browsers for Android 4.1+
  • UC Browser on Android: version 11.8+
  • Internet Explorer: since IE 11 (Windows 8+ only)
  • Samsung Internet: 5+
  • iOS: iOS 8+
  • Windows: Windows Phone 8+

You can manage videos in CloudFlare stream via the Stream app in the Dashboard or using the Stream API. CloudFlare Stream API can be called by app the /stream endpoint to upload a video. You can submit the whole content of the video by request or by providing a URL to a video hosted server.

CloudFlare Stream encodes the stream in multiple resolutions to enable the multi-bitrate streaming and also automatically prepare DASH and NLS manifest files. Can provide an embeded code for the video which loads the customizable CloudFlare Stream Player

1. Sign-in to your account and choose the domain on which you would like to enable CloudFlare Stream. Click the Stream icon located on the right hand side of the dashboard.

2. A window will show the CloudFlare Stream pricing. Click continue to proceed to the next window and select the storage capacity according to your needs.

3. Click continue to proceed with the Payment method and other information for billing purposes. Click Purchase after the form was completed.

There are three ways to upload a video:

1. Quick Upload - You can drag and drop or browse the video file you want to upload.

2. Use Link - You will input the video URL in our case we have the IF'S gateway hosted for our video file.

3. Use API - Multiple ways to get the video file onto stream, using API via entering the fields then copy and paste the cURL command into your terminal.

4. Using the Use Link, will upload a sample video to CloudFlare from our IPFS node gateway URL and the sample video file uploaded into it. After a few minutes the video file already into the CloudFlare storage.

5. The URL link provided by CloudFlare can be browse and stream the sample video that we uploaded into your favorite browser.

Ex. https://watch.cloudflarestream.com/cb66199d24ae32d33da63fc5bcb5341b

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